This website, though assigned through SMAD 202, will further be used as a virtual resume for post graduation purposes. I had never done web coding before 202, but this course has confirmed my intrigue, and I definitely want to continue updating this website. I struggled a lot with html during this second half of the semester, but around a week and a half ago it began to make sense. I was worried I would not have a final product to be able to take away, but now I can happily say I not only have a website that is personal, but skills that I can continue to build upon. Over this past summer, one of my two music industry related internships focused more on design and social media. The website my boss had been created around five years ago by a website company that no longer is in business, and he asked if I had any knowledge with coding to be able to fix it, seeing as though the company that made it no longer could make updates. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about coding, but with the little I know now, I likely could go in and make small adjustments. Regarding this site, I knew I wanted a basic structured black and white overall theme, because that would reflect a lot of the art I do. I was striving for a minimalistic look, which I think was ultimately achieved. I chose the liquid layout that our textbook provided and made it my own. The HOME page features a white/grey/black header I designed in Photoshop, a black and white portrait, and three types of my work below, separated into grey boxed categories. The header is displayed on all pages for consistency. The san serif font I chose is called Poiret One. It is sleek and its ever so slight cursive nature gives it some contemporary life. My ART page is a simple scroll down page of miscellaneous design and photography. I chose pieces that aesthetically looked good together, but also accurately depicted my design style. RESUME is a quick glace at my graphically designed resume that was uploaded as a .png. I opted out of manually typing it in simply because it looks so much better to have it displayed. It showcases my design ability and the colors correlate with the site perfectly. Maybe later on I will go back and manually put in my resume, but for now, it will remain as a .png. Finally, CONTACT was the simplest, and for good reason. I only included my email, Instagram, and Wordpress blog. The Instagram name and blog name both link to the actual sites. The blog I wanted to be included not only because I made it in my SMAD 242 course this semester, but also because it talks about the music industry/social media, which I wanted to have on my site apart from my resume. It also needed to be on there because I wanted something that would demonstrate my ability to write.